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Your home and your possessions are only as safe from the elements as the roof that protects them.  A leaky roof can rot your roof deck and rafters, cause mold and mildew.  By the time you start to see wet spots on your ceilings and sheetrock chances are mold is not far behind.  Don’t wait for a small problem to become a major problem.   Here at Sealed tite Home Improvements we sell and install the  finest roofing products from GAF and Owens Corning, including GAF’s famous lifetime roofing systems in all colors and styles.  Call or email us to set up a free roof inspection.   If your roof is fine then you can sleep tite, if not, your can be sure that Sealed Tite can solve the problem.


Is your homes exterior cracking and faded? Is the siding on your home wavy or even falling off in spots? New siding can not only beautify your home but protect it as well.  With new siding and rigid insulation not only will your house look like new but it will stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.  Also covering all outside window frames in vinyl will keep rain and snow where it belongs, OUTSIDE. Here at Sealed Tite we sell and install all types of siding from cedar shakes to traditional clapboard.  We feature all siding products from Certainteed as well as Alside.  Contact us today for a free in-home estimate and see what new vinyl siding can do for not only the look, but the performance of your home as well.


Are your current windows peeling, pitted or rotted?  Do you feel a draft when you stand or sit near them? Do you hear every noise from outside even though your windows are shut?  Did you know that 76% of your homes heat and 46% of your homes air conditioning can be lost through your old drafty windows?  Here at Sealed Tite we sell and install the highest quality energy star rated windows.  Not only will they look great and be easier to clean they will keep your home warm in winter and cooler in summer while keeping street noise outside   So stop throwing your hard-earned money out the window and let Sealed Tite come and give you a free in-home estimate for high quality, double or even triple pane energy star rated windows

Interior/Exterior Painting

Need a fresh coat? Looking for a new color in or outside? Let Sealed Tite take care of you. We offer the highest quality paint jobs, and we work with you to make sure you are getting exactly what you want. Let us know, and we will get in touch with you.

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